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Friday, February 11, 2011

Pupu Bunny's First Visit

My name is Pupu. I'm Pupu Bunny and I live in Northridge, California.

This is my first visit to Ventura and Ojai. Quite exciting; they put me on the car trunk.

Here in Ojai it's nice because there's Plentyyyyyyyy of green grass. Everything is soooooooo big that I cannot actually run away. Because I don't know where to go here. (I have heard that here are wild bunnies around hopping every day; a whole family. It would be cool to meet them one day :)

I like it alot when there is clover under my feet. It makes it so soft and nice. Clover is bunnie's gourmet food!
I have to reach out and see what is there. What are the strange poles. Could I eat them or are they just for decoration???

But maybe I can try the grass here. It looks delicious. Yammmm, yes it is. Much better than the dry one what I'm served every day!

Can I hear something ... - like a gallop of horses?

Oh, I have to do some cleaning, who knows what is in here in this grass. And also I did not have time to do much in the morning when they packed me and my cage on the car seat and we left. I could not even ask where're we going.
My fur is so soft and beautiful. I wonder what the wild relatives would say to see me? I have heard that they are also much smaller than me. They might get scared to meet me around...

Don't you think my tail is beautiful???
I'm very proud of it. As well of my ears.

Now - I DID hear something. Let me see, what is it???

Lift me enough, upppp, so I can see. Heeelp. Not too much!!!

I should be careful now. That big monster looks nice but I have no idea what she's up to with her sniffing. Se does have nice big ears, too.

Just don't let her lick me too much. Yack! It's enough already.

OK. I'm done. No more lickings today. Tell my relatives that I was around. Would be nice to meet them next time!!

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